Family dynamics shaping the future projects of our clients

Overcoming the founding of the company in 1978 as an autonomous Jaume RodàHas kept a prosperous through various stages until the creation of the Societat Excavacions i Obres Rodà, S.L. Structure under which exerts its activity today. The good name and function is evident considering the history and evolution. Good work allows us to grow and move forward. Over the longer more 30 years we have been adapting our services to market demands and our customers by offering them our tools most appropriate for each particular job.

Excavation works and pursues Rodà conducting a job where you contemplate all the details, the viability of all possible options to carry out all the tasks, causing minimum inconvenience and cost to customers.

Family dynamics and working together from different generations, allows to combine the most traditional aspects, knowledge and experience with new technologies and the expertise of professionals who are responsible for executing the projects for which the orders of our customers take shape.