Work underway on Tape


But the rehabilitation Gavarra



Leading earthmoving contractor

Excavations and works Rodà S.L.

Type of Work

Earthworks, pipeline services


5 Months

Completed Work to Welfare

Excavation clearance for training artificial lake

Cleaning and cleared the land and made with mechanical load loader truck

Transportation of land for reuse on site, with dumper to transport and waiting times for loading with mechanical means

Excavation for site preparation in the field of traffic, breaking with hammer mounted on backhoe

Excavation and site preparation for cargo ground in soft ground with mechanical means

Review and piconatge esplanade with mechanical compaction and 95% PM

Excavation of land not classified in ditches and wells.

Filling and compacting trenches and wells.

Esplanade just selected from the work.

Base ballast artificial material with widespread and piconatge 98% of pm.

Filling with granular filter material behind the walls.

Breakwater with stone block.

Laying of topsoil from the site.

Channeling rainwater services, sanitation, water, electricity and geothermal.